Hiding Wirepath from Panel to First Device

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My answer to this is:

  • We do not have a way to do this automatically yet, but we are planning for a tool in the future to accomplish this result.
  • Because this is a frequently asked question, these are the steps that can accomplish it.
  • Keep in mind there are many other ways to do this. Perhaps this article will spark your imagination.
  • If you come up with a better idea, please share it with the community.

Presently, you can use this method:

Create a layer called something like the one we have created below "0A_WIREPATH NOPLOT"mceclip4.png

Insert a block from the generic template such as the wirepath intersect and edit it to show an arrow or leader or whatever you wish.

The advantage of using a FireCAD object is that you can then give it an entity property m(such as "TO NAC PANEL" and if you connect it to the circuit before the first device, it will show in the riser. 


After drawing your wirepaths using any means, place the segment from the panel to the first device on the layer you created as above.


Then freeze the layer on which you have placed the first segment wirepath.


You now have a drawing less cluttered with homeruns.



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