How to change part numbers without disconnecting devices.



 Is there a way to change the model number of notification devices that are already placed and circuited on a drawing? For the project I am working on, the customer decided to change from white devices to red, for example System Sensor SPSWL to SPSRL. Can this change be made without disconnecting and deleting the devices and inserting and connecting the new devices?



That is easily done.


Below is an SPSRL which has been placed on the drawing.


First, launch your Project Device Editor.


  • Then choose the Devices column and use the full text search box to find the SPSWL.
  • Rename the part number to something else. In this case we called it SPSWL-x just to eliminate any confusion or duplication of part numbers.


Next find the SPSRL by using the full text search box.


  • Change the SPSRL to SPSWL
  • Be sure to change the description to White as well.


Be sure to save changes and exit


  • Now in a new device legend, the device part numbers and descriptions reflect the changes. Since the current draws remain the same, NAC circuit calculations and battery calcs will generate accurately.
  • Remember to regenerate the NAC circuit calculations and battery calcs reports so they reflect the correct part numbers as well.


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