Using the FireCAD Title Block Attribute Feature "Export Attributes to Excel by Block"

In order to use this feature you must have an attributed title block on one or more of your drawing layout tabs.

  • If you are not familiar with attributed title blocks, we suggest you use a google search and gain a good understanding.
  • For a quick start you can download our complimentary template at the following link:

FireCAD D Size Template with attributed title blocks


Step 1:

Use the command Export Attributes to Excel by Block


Step 2:

You are prompted to select the block. 


Step 3:

Select the title block.


Step 4:

You are prompted to save an Excel file. Choose the saving location and either accept the suggested file name or input one of you choosing.


Step 5:

Excel should automatically open. If it does not, you can navigate to the location and open it manually later.


Step 6:

The spreadsheet is populated with one row for each of the title blocks of the same name in your drawing.

Beyond the basic six columns automatically created by FireCAD, you will see a column for each of the attributes present in the block.

NOTE: You cannot edit or change the basic six columns A through F.


Step 7:

Using ordinary Excel procedures, populate the cells in the columns representing attributes. In this case we are copying the contents of a cell.


Step 8:

We paste the contents into all the cells associated with the other layouts.


  • It is not necessary to copy the same information into all the rows for a given attribute definition.
  • For example, you can number your layout sheet numbers sequentially. (FA-01 through FA-09 for example)
  • You can type a different scale for each layout.
  • You can type a different sheet description for each layout.

When all the information is complete, save and close the Excel spreadsheet.


Step 9:

Use the command Import Attribute Data


Step 10:

You are asked to choose the Excel filename to import the data from.


Step 11:

The Attributes corresponding to the column headings and rows in the spreadsheet are populated in your title blocks.



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