120 Volt smoke detectors with alarm contacts

We get questions whether FireCAD can be used to connect 120 volt smoke detectors either singly or in tandem. Yes, it can and here's how it's done.

In the project below we have placed the following devices:

  • A Firelite FACP in the electrical room.
  • A monitor module in the foyer of the apartment.
  • Four 120volt Generic smoke detectors with alarm contacts.
  • A Generic circuit breaker panel.


The circuit breaker panel is an assembly which is configured with one 20 amp breaker. More can be added using the assembly editor.


Choose the "VAC" circuit from the breaker panel. Connect the smoke detectors.


Now choose the zone originating at the monitor module and connect the smoke detectors to it.


The result is the detectors connected to both circuits  and labeled accordingly.

Now choose the "Draw Circuit Wirepath" command.

The wirepaths with linetypes are created. You can draw your own wirepaths or use none at all.


Generate the Cable and Wire Legend report.


The riser generated is shown below.


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