Adding Existing Nac Loads to a Panel

We receive questions concerning how to add the load of an existing NAC to a system.

Step 1 - Be certain you have loaded the "Generic" template to your project. If not, choose to Update Project, then select Generic.



Step 2 - From your Device Palette, filter for "exist". You will se a display of the symbols representing existing NAC load ranging from .02 to 3 amps.

Select one that equals or exceeds the known existing load on the circuit in question.


Step 3 - Place the symbol on the drawing. Notice it appears without a candela setting. Remember this will represent any known NAC load. The only important factor will be its DC current value.



Step 4 - Connect the device to your chosen NAC to which you wish to apply the existing load.



Step 5 - In this example, we chose an existing load of .8 amps. This value is used when we generate our reports.



Step 6 - If you find that the specific load you wish to apply does not exist in the preconfigured selection, you can customize the load.

Choose to launch the Project Device Editor.



Step 7 - From the "Devices" tab, filter the Full Text Search box for "existing".

Choose either the value of load you have already placed or choose another value.

In this case we had selected .8 amps as the load.



Step 8 - Edit the values in both the "Part No" column and the "Battery Calc Alarm Current" column. 

In this case we edited the value from .8 amps to 1.875 amps.

Close and save the project device editor.


Step 9 - Generate a new NAC calculation to verify your results. In the tables below you can see the comparison.



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