Showing/Hiding Conduit Fill

FireCAD can calculate and show the percentage of wirefill in conduit. In order to calculate, the wirepath must be set to a specific size of conduit.

  • On the FireCAD ribbon, look at the Wirepath panel.
  • Select the Set Conduit Type command.


Because wirepaths on the drawing can be selectively set to a specific conduit type and size (or no conduit at all), you are asked to select the wirepath(s).

Alternatively, you can select the wirepaths before executing the Set Conduit Type command.


At this point you are presented with a pre-defined list of conduit types and sizes.


In this case we select 3/4" EMT.


The FireCAD program calculates the wirefill and shows it in the form of a label (Multileader). This label shows both the wire/cable abbreviations and the conduit fill.


There is an option to the format of the label. 

  • View the Edit Panel on the FireCAD ribbon.
  • Choose the Options command.


Notice that in this case, the option to generate line types instead of labels is not checked. For that reason, the conduit fill is part of the wire/cable abbreviations label.


In the view below, the option to generate line types instead of labels is checked. Notice that the wire/cable abbreviations are shown in the linetype and the conduit fill remains as a label. There is no alternative to the conduit fill being displayed as a label.


The display of conduit fill can be toggled on and off as shown below.

  • View the Wirepath panel.
  • Select the Hide Conduit Fill command.



The conduit fill label is toggled off but the wire/cable abbreviations remain displayed as they are set in the options.


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