FireCAD palette doesn't show up or is off screen


FireCAD palette does not show up as expected, and using 'Open Project Palette' does not seem to work. 


Open Project Palette-



The FireCAD Palette-




Sometimes the saved location of the FireCAD and other tool palettes can be off screen when there are multiple displays in use. To fix this you can reset the current profile by trying the following-

Palettes do not display in AutoCAD

If nothing in the above steps solves the issue, then the profile can be reset manually-

  • Close AutoCAD and open Windows Explorer. Navigate to your current AutoCAD profile folder. This is typically a path similar to 'C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD [year]\[version]\enu\Support\Profiles\[currentprofile]'.
  • You might have a different AutoCAD version and will have to look for the folders that correspond to your version and current profile name.
  • Make sure file extensions are displayed in Windows Explorer.
    Find the file named “” and rename it to “Profile.old”.
  • Restart AutoCAD and all tool palettes and stored locations will be reset.


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