How to use Circuit Type Filters to separate circuits with different types though different segments (NAC, Audio, etc...)


When showing separate wirepaths or conduits on your drawing, for example, NAC and Audio wiring, updating the wirepath labels will combine circuits into the shortest path by default. By using Circuit Type Filters, you can force all circuits with specific types through a selection of segments.


Applying Circuit Type Filters

In the typical default setting, only one segment will be used for wirefill as in the picture below-



By using the 'Set Wirepath Filters' command on the Wirepath ribbon panel, you can select multiple segments to apply a circuit type filter to. You may need to repeat this process for each circuit type that you want to separate.


First, select the segments you want to apply the first type filters to. Select Similar is an easy command to use if you have separated the segments by layer.

Then click the 'Set Circuit Type Filters' command on the Wirepath ribbon panel- 



In the Circuit Type Filters dialog, uncheck 'Allow All Types' and select all the types of circuits that should be allowed to route through the segments you have selected-



Repeat this process for other wirepath segments, and then use 'Update All Wirepath Labels' to refresh all labels. You should see that the different types of circuits now route through separate segments-










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