Icons/Symbols - Updating device block definitions on a drawing

Since it is possible to change the symbol you use to represent a specific device, we get questions when the device has already been used in a project drawing using the previous symbol.

First, the new symbol must be defined. That process is explained in the  Youtube video link below.

DEVICES - Create a Custom FireCAD Symbol - YouTube

The question we received:

"I have 2 issues with the Project Device Editor I was hoping you could help me with.

  1. When I go to change the appearance of a block in the Project Device Editor, it will change it in the database. However, it will not update the appearance of the devices I’ve already placed once I exit the Project Device Editor.
  2. For most devices I change the appearance of, even though the block has changed in the device palette tab to what I want, when I go to place the device, it will not reflect the changes I made.

Below is an example of trying to place an AOM-2RF. The Block has changed to the square with a “C”, but on the plan it still shows a hexagon with “AOM”. It will also place the hexagon with “AOM” rather than the square with a “C” when I go to place another AOM-2RF."


The answer to the question:

There is one more required step.  "Reset Device Block Definitions" from the Validation panel.  Capture2.PNG

The warning will appear.


The symbols will be replaced.













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