How to connect to the Cadgen parts database


The first step in creating a FireCAD project is to connect to a parts database to select the project templates needed for your project. These are normally organized by manufacturer. The connection information is not entered by default, but is sent in your activation email. The information contains the Cadgen server name, user and password that allows read-only permissions to access our default database. This article will show you where to put this information, and how to connect to the database to create a project.


Using The Project Creation Wizard

When you select the New Project command in FireCAD, you will see the following dialog. If the project templates are not shown, you will may have to click 'Connect' to switch from the default local database connection to the online Cadgen parts database-



Click 'Connect' to open and enter the following information into the connection dialog. Once the server name, authentication, username and password is entered use the lower right refresh button to populate the database name. Then click 'Connect' to close the dialog-



After connecting to the Cadgen parts database, you should see project templates organized by manufacturer ready to select for your project-


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