How to show Class A return wiring


Sometimes it is necessary to show class A return wiring. FireCAD has a simple way to do this using a special 'Class A Return' device.


To use the Class A Return device, make sure you create or update your project and select the 'Generic' project template. Then on the Device Palette filter for 'return' to locate the device and place it on the drawing. Most likely this will be placed next to the panel that the circuits will return to.


Locate the Class A Return device-



Class A Return placed next to FACP, where the circuits will return to-



Select any circuit from the FACP, and click 'Connect'. The Class A Return device will highlight, and this should be connected as the last device on the circuit-



The connected device list will reflect the length of wire return, and wirefill will be shown on any wire path segments drawn back to the Class A Return device-




Up to 10 circuits can be terminated at each 'Class A Return' device. A different 'Class A Return' device can be placed next to each panel in the project as needed.

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