How to create a local master database file


If you are thinking of setting up database customizations like changing block definitions or cables, you will need to make a local editable copy of the master database and then use the Cadgen Database Utilities to make changes to your new database.


Creating the Local Database File

The first step in creating your local database file is to open the Cadgen Database Utilities application on the desktop. Search for this app and open it-



Once the application opens, you are prompted to connect to a database. Initially, you will select the read-only Cadgen Database ( If you do not have this database in the Server Name pulldown list, you will need to add it using the credentials in your license & activation email.



Once the program is opened, which may take some time to load the entire remote database, you will then select the 'Reset Local DB' command from the top ribbon. This will reset your Local Database file that is existing on your machine by making a backup of it in a sub-folder, and then creating a new blank database file in the default location. If you skip this step, the online database information will be merged with your existing local database, and might have unpredictable results like unnecessary part and circuit duplications.



Next, use the 'Copy To Local DB' command to copy all information from the online database to your local copy.



Finally, click the 'Connect...' command and select the '(localdb)\firecad' connection to reload your local database in the utility. You will be able to customize and save changes that you make with the utility.






You will now have your own local database that can be edited, moved to a network location to be shared, and can be used as the starting point when creating FireCAD projects.







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