What does the check mark on wirepaths mean?

  • The green check marks show that FireCAD recognizes the segment as a wirepath because it intersects 2 devices. 
  • If you 'Update All Wire Labels' it will be used to show wiring.
  • You can turn these off using Options -> Circuits tab and uncheck the 'Show Wirepath Status Icons' checkbox. 
  • These icons do not show up in layouts on the same drawing.

What does it mean if there is NOT a check mark?

  • If there is no check mark, then the segment does not intersect 2 FireCAD devices and will be ignored.
  • If it shows a red X, then it intersects 1 FireCAD device and can't be used for wire fill. Sometimes background polylines that happen to intersect FireCAD devices will show the red X.
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