What is the yellow alert triangle at each device for? Why does it display even though the device is connected?

  • This yellow triangle-shaped icon signifies that a block is recognized as a FireCAD part and can be connected to a circuit or circuits.
  • You can turn these icon displays off using Options -> Circuits tab and uncheck the 'Show Connection Status Icons' checkbox. These don't show up in layouts in the same drawing.
  • See this setting below:


The display of these connection status icons can be toggled with the check box below.


  • Some devices with multiple circuit options like an SLC connection will still show this icon even if you have connected the device. 
  • Below is an example of two devices, both showing the icon while one is connected and the other is not.


To understand this, let's look at the device circuit settings.


You are prompted to select the device.


This shows the double connectability for this device. This explains why the icon is displayed regardless that the device is connected. The issue which will be resolved in an upcoming version of FireCAD.



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