What is the proper way to update circuits after changes to the wire (path, length, etc)?

  • Wire connection order is established when you are connecting devices whether wire paths are drawn or not.
  • Without wire paths, the measurements are taken from device to device with a square measurement from coordinates in modelspace and refreshed when you use 'Validate Devices' on the 'Validate' ribbon panel.
  • If you have wire path segments, the correct command is 'Update All Wire Labels' on the 'Wire Path' ribbon panel. This evaluates all the wire path segments and where they are available and then finds the shortest path on each circuit, using the connection order. The length of each available segment is used instead of the device coordinate distance if it exists.
  • If further modifications to the wire path are made, the lengths and wirefill are not updated until you use 'Update All Wire Labels' again. If you don't want to show the wire labels, you can select all segments and use the 'Hide Wirefill' command. The measurement from the wire path segments will still be used even if the labels are turned off.
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