FireCAD™ Update - January 2020

Posted Date 1/14/2020 (If you installed the application after this date, you are already updated)

To get the update, use the 'FireCAD Update Utility' link on the desktop, or the 'Check For Updates' command from within the program in the drop down menu under “File” on the FIreCAD Tools ribbon.


Installation Instructions:

Please download the update for the appropriate licensed version(s) of your software.
Close any running instances of AutoCAD, FireCAD and/or the Cadgen Database Utility.

Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the updates.

New Features:

  • Riser layout has new major changes.
    • All new layout algorithm has been added making layout of components straighter and easier to follow. 
    • Circuits can now be directed left or right on the riser by selecting a circuit type and setting the direction.
    • Riser option added to vertically align the first device on each elevation for riser circuits. This ensures that there is no horizontal 'stepping' on the riser.
    • Riser option added to automatically add devices to columns. On multi-story projects, setting elevation is all that is required. This option will separate all assemblies and vertical circuits on the project into columns.
    • Riser wrapping option has been changed to wrap after a quantity of devices per row, instead of number of units.
  • Added option to set coverage display transparency.
  • Added 'Format Wirepath Labels' command. Different variables can be used to apply formatting to all wirepath labels. '[LBL]' will apply the cable label set in the database, '[PNL]-[CKT]' will show the full panel name and circuit number, '[AWG]' for wire gauge and '[COND]' will show the conductor count.
  • Sub point addressing is now supported. Devices with multiple addresses can be selected and 'Format Device Labels' can be used to apply sub point addressing. This converts multiple addresses to a combined address with a sub point number after each connection. 
  • Added 'Duplicate Project Drawing' command. This can be used to take a fully connected drawing and save it as a new project drawing while keeping all connections and devices in place. This could be used to duplicate a typical floor design into multiple levels easily after only placing devices and connecting on a single floor.
Previous Layout (Without Align Vertical Circuits)
New Layout (Align Vertical Circuits On)
Left and Right Selection
SLC devices directed to the left, other circuits to the right-
Automatic Column Assignment

New command names for features above:

  • atduplicate_project_drawing
  • atformat_wirepath_labels


  • Filtered virtual paths from segment id reports.
  • Block definitions for devices can be removed using the import utility by leaving the block definition name column blank before import.
  • Added dynamic rotation to all Cadgen Database block definitions. Coverage pattern will align with a rotation parameter named 'Rotation' in the block definition, in addition to the standard block rotation property.
  • Added power loss columns to speaker schedule report.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed pass through start voltage issue for A/V module circuits.
  • Fixed crash on Project Palette when expanding a project drawing. 


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