Set Circuit Wire Gauge

Set Circuit Wire Gauge

All panel and card circuits are predefined in the database in a circuit templates. Circuit templates define various properties such as voltage, current limit, and a cable selection among other properties. To change a circuit template's selected cable or wire gauge, you will first need to open the project device editor and switch to the 'Panel Circuit Templates' tab as shown below-

Open project device editor-


Panel circuit templates-


You will first need to locate the panel or card that contains the circuit template you would like to change. You can use the full text filter above the upper left grid. Type the part number to search and filter all groups that contain the part-


Select each group to locate the group that contains the circuits you would like to change. The circuits in each group will be listed in the bottom left grid-


Select the circuit template you would like to change and scroll to the Cable column. Click in this column and you can pick a different cable definition-


When you are finished making changes, save and close the project device editor. If the project drawing is open, any existing wirepath labels will reflect the new wire label. Reports and risers will have to be regenerated or edited to reflect the new changes.



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