FireCAD™ Update - October 2019

Posted Date 10/28/2019 (If you installed the application after this date, you are already updated)

To get the update, use the 'FireCAD Update Utility' link on the desktop, or the 'Check For Updates' command from within the program in the drop down menu under “File” on the FIreCAD Tools ribbon.


Installation Instructions:

Please download the update for the appropriate licensed version(s) of your software.
Close any running instances of AutoCAD, FireCAD and/or the Cadgen Database Utility.

Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the updates.

New Features:

  • Added manual wirefill commands. On the circuit palette, new command buttons 'Add Circuit Pair' and 'Remove Circuit Pair' can be used to add wirewill to a selection of segments. The new fill is reflected in the wirepath labels but is not affected or removed by automatic wirepath labeling.
New Add Circuit Pair/Remove Circuit Pair Buttons
  • Added option to show segment id on segments instead of wirepath labels. This generates a common label for all repeating wirepath labels like 'C1', 'C2', etc. A corresponding segment label schedule report can be generated with the 'atreport_segment_label_schedule' command.
Normal Wirepath Labels With Segment ID Option On
mceclip1.png mceclip3.png
  • New report 'Segment Label Schedule' has been added to display all labels with the corresponding generated segment id's.
Segment Label Schedule
  • Added the ability to lock a circuit in the circuit palette. No connection commands or wirepath label updates will affect a circuit that is locked.
  • Added command to select all segments with over 40% fill.
  • Added command to select all segments with undefined conduit.
  • Added command to select all dynamic wirepath labels.

New command names for features above-

  • atselect_segments_over_40_percent
  • atselect_segments_undefined
  • atselect_wirelabels
  • atadd_circuit_pair
  • atremove_circuit_pair
  • atreport_segment_label_schedule


  • Miscellaneous database schema changes to support new features.
  • Added Lump Sum calculation method EOL voltage value to the circuit summary, in addition to the PTP calculation method so both values can be compared.
Lump Sum & PTP EOL Voltage Shown
  • Added ability to set the path of the local database file. This is the file that contains all the data for the '(localdb)\firecad' connection, and it can now be moved and used from any folder or network drive.
  • Updated the 'Manage Locked Addresses' window.
  • Updated the circuit palette with newer UI components and scroll bars for smaller screens. Added a new bar graph view option for the circuit summary totals.
New Graph View Option In Usage Summary
  • Candela settings have been added to the PTP report export, to match how they are shown in the AutoCAD table report.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Circuit name error fixed in circuit palette.
  • Fixed issue of strange characters displaying in entity properties with carriage returns.
  • Fixed issue of the 'Manage Locked Addresses' preventing save of duplicate address values when it applies to shared address protocols.
  • Conduit calculation has been updated to use conductor count in the cables table. Cables should be set to 1 to match NEC calculation methods and count as 1 conductor. THHN and individual conductors should be set the number of wires that will be used.
  • Battery calc report layer issue has been fixed.
  • All report row heights and margins have been adjusted to support smaller report text height settings and dynamically adjust when generating the reports.
  • Shading from columns in summary reports has been removed.
  • Added all assembly parts to the project data export.


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