FireCAD® Update - July 2023


Known Issues

FireCAD ribbon menu may disappear after the update in the standalone OEM version.


Type 'MENU' at the command line

In the dialog that opens up, select 'cgfcad24.cuix', 'cgfcad23.cuix', 'cgfcad21.cuix', 'cgfcad19.cuix', or cgfcad18.cuix depending on your standalone version, and click open.

In addition, the 'FireCAD Tools' menu can be loaded by using the 'CUILOAD' command. Click  'Browse' and select 'cgfcad.cuix' in the dialog that opens. Then click 'Load' to load the partial menu.


Getting the Update

To get the update, use the 'FireCAD Update Utility' link on the desktop, or the 'Check For Updates' command from within the program in the drop-down menu under 'File' on the FireCAD Tools ribbon.


Alternatively, you can download the direct update links below. Please make sure you download the correct update for your installed FireCAD version.

FireCAD Addin For AutoCAD (2018-2024)

FireCAD 2018 Standalone

FireCAD 2019 Standalone

FireCAD 2021 Standalone

FireCAD 2023 Standalone

FireCAD 2024 Standalone


Installation Instructions

Please download the update for the appropriately licensed version(s) of your software.
Close any running instances of AutoCAD, FireCAD, and the Cadgen Database Utility.

Run the installer and follow the prompts to install the updates.


Note: Some prerequisites may be required during installation, it is advised to let any checked prerequisites install if required.



FireCAD® 2024 is now available! Contact to upgrade your standalone version if you have a subscription.


New Features

'Address Quantity' column has been added to the device editor to assign an address range to a device. If this column is set, the device only needs to be selected once when connecting and the address range will be assinged to a single line in the device attribute.

Note: For users with custom databases, this feature requires some changes to implement. Please contact if you have questions.


Save/Load project options are now available in the options editor. All options and settings for the project can be saved to a file and reloaded into a project as needed. Use 'Save Settings As' from the options editor to save the current settings to a file. Use 'Load Settings' to load a previously saved options file into your project, and 'Reset Settings' to reset all settings to program defaults.


'Auto increment Device Names' option has been added to the Set Entity Properties dialog to prevent duplicate names from being assigned when multiple panels are placed on the drawing.


A 'Keep Value' column has been added to the Set Entity Properties dialog to preserve recently used property values when placing devices.


Set Entity Properties (Command Line) has been updated/added as a separate command to use device selection and keywords to set a text string from the drawing optionally. This is an alternative to using the Set Entity Properties dialog.


Added a new riser option to 'Show All Circuit Labels On Duplicate Devices'. This affects speaker strobe devices on the 'B' riser. Instead of showing all circuit labels on all duplicated devices, this will only show the circuit label that applies to the device connection shown.


'Exclude From Legend' column has been added to the device editor to exclude a part from the Legend report.           


Filter and sort options have been added throughout the device editor to make it easier to assign blocks, cables, and other device properties.


Bug Fixes

A database timeout issue when generating reports and risers has been fixed.

Line type label trimming long wire labels has been fixed.


Command Enhancements

The current device selection will now be preserved during various commands. For example, after Set Device Circuits, Set Attribute Rotation, Set Attribute Position, and other FireCAD commands the original selection of devices will be preserved so additional commands can be used without the need to reselect.

Riser speed enhancements

Validation speed enhancements

Update wirepath speed enhancements

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