Override NFPA 170 Ceiling Mount Block Definitons

In the Cadgen default database, we try to use the latest NFPA 170 required symbol shapes for the various types of devices. Recent updates changed the non-compliant round base on the ceiling mount speaker, speaker strobes, horn, and horn strobes to a square base symbol with a 'C' subscript.

If you would like to override your project to use the non-compliant round base symbol, this article provides a block template file and instructions on making this change in an existing project file.


1. Override the block definitions in your project with the attached block template file.

  • Open the attached .dwg file (ROUND BASE CEILING BLOCKS.dwg) and make sure it is the active drawing.
  • Use the Edit -> Project Block Definition command-


  • In the window that opens, select the updated block definitions in the top list and click 'Add or Update Selected Block(s)' to import these into the current project-

  • After applying the changes, the device palette, riser and legend will show the updated block definitions.


2. If you have already placed devices on the floorplan, you will also need to use the Block Edit command to manually change the appearance of the existing devices.

  • Select the device to edit, then use the Block Edit command-

  • Take out the rectangle and draw a circle for the base part, then close and save the block definitions. In the drawing, all these parts will then be updated in the floorplan-

  • After updating the block definition all the existing devices will change-

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