Icons/Symbols - Downloading and Using the Cadgen Content Library Symbols

We have provided multiple .dwg files with customized symbols for your use. The links below will allow you to download those files for easy use in your projects or in your local DB.

To use these files, first download them from the list of links below. Each file is a collection of specialized symbols.

We will be updating these symbols so check back often to get more content.

Secondly, if you are not familiar with the process, refer to the articles below for more explanation,

The following link explains how to add customized symbols to your project (.atp) or your Local master database.


The following link explains how to update the device symbols on a drawing if you edit the device block definitions after already having placed devices on a drawing.


The following link explains how to create your own customized device block definitions and add them to a database.


Please select the file(s) you wish to download below. Once downloaded you may edit any of the blocks to provide your own customizations then add them to a project or master database.

the names of the files should be self-explanatory. A few notes:

  • The file containing "CADGEN MISC BLOCKS" provides symbols primarily for non-fire alarm devices. Once downloaded, you can use the AutoCAD block editor to change them as you wish. You may also copy and rename a block as a convenient way of creating a new one.
  • The file(s) containing "DEVICE DETAIL BLOCKS" provides symbols primarily for device and panel connection details. Look for additional files as we progress in building the library.
  • The file(s) containing "ERRCS BLOCKS" provides symbols primarily for Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems.
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